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HST reaction so positive B.C. cancels mail campaign, minister says

The B.C. government has cancelled a proposed mail campaign to support its Harmonized Sales Tax because it says public reaction to the new tax has been better than expected.

Finance Minister Colin Hansen said he pulled the plug on the HST mailer Wednesday during a Liberal caucus meeting in Vancouver.

“I think the roll out of the HST has been smoother than we had anticipated,” said Hansen.

Think tank says many will benefit from HST

Think tank says many will benefit from HST

Low and middle income families will be better off with the HST according to new research from the Fraser Institute.

The think tank has found famiies making less than 80-thousand dollars a year will pay less tax over-all thanks to the new HST Credit and Provincial Income Tax Reductions.

Study author Niels Veldhuis says the HST won’t even affect when tax freedom day is held next year. “We calculated that the tax freedom day would basically not change as a result of the HST,” he says, “so we’re not going to be working more for government, we’re not going to be paying more taxes. that of course is not to say that tax freedom day is too early.”