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TaiwanFest 2011

TaiwanFest 2011 (photo gallery)

A cultural celebration of all things Taiwanese, TaiwanFest aims to burst stereotypes by showcasing the rich diversity in both modern and traditional Taiwanese music, dance, film, food, and arts.


VOLO – February 17-19, 2011

Created for Netherlands Dance Theatre in 2003 for six dancers, 1st Flash is set to Sibelius’ inspired violin concerto and thrusts the dancers into a world of giddy, obsessive fun.

BrazilFest 2010 Set to Captivate Vancouver

BrazilFest 2010 Set to Captivate Vancouver

BrazilFest aims to promote Brazil’s uniqueness by sharing our cuisine, lifestyle and culture, a culture that complements the diverse mosaic that makes up Canada.

The festival will showcase the best Brazil has to offer in music, rhythm, dance, art, soccer, food and cinema.