Whirlpool Brand Debuts New Connected Kitchen Suite at CES 2016

The kitchen is more than just a place to prepare and cook food, it’s the headquarters for family meetings, a make-shift homework zone and an art gallery for the little ones. To keep the kitchen connected, while freeing up time for families to make memories, Whirlpool designed the Smart Kitchen Suite with the CareSync™ system.

Whirlpool Brand Debuts New Connected Kitchen Suite at CES 2016

As the newest innovations to integrate with the Whirlpool® mobile app, Works with Nest and Amazon Dash Replenishment, the three-piece collection – refrigerator, dishwasher and stove – offers families control of their appliances remotely, alert notifications and peace of mind.

“At Whirlpool, we’re passionate about developing technology that solves real consumer needs,” said Ben Artis, senior manager for connectivity strategy, Whirlpool Corporation. “From the automatic production of more ice when entertaining guests to alert notifications so families know when the refrigerator loses power, our new smart kitchen suite is packed with home automation features that allow families, whether in the other room or out running errands, to better care for each other and their home.”

From helping prepare for unexpected guests, to keeping the house running whether home or away, the Smart Kitchen Suite offers a variety of specialty modes to cater to families’ distinct needs:

– Whether prepping for an evening of entertaining or dashing home to meet impromptu guests, Party Mode in the Smart French Door Refrigerator helps families by activating Fast Ice and Fast Cool settings to prepare for guests automatically by speeding up ice production, quickly chilling beverages and snacks, and helping maintain cool temperatures while the fridge doors are frequently being opened and closed.

– When in Lock Mode, families can deactivate the control panels to prevent functions on the stove and dishwasher, and receive alerts if someone tries to unlock these appliances.

– Focus on important conversations around the kitchen table or settle in to watch your favorite movie without distractions – when activated, the Quiet Mode turns off beeps and alerts on the dishwasher and stove.

– Sabbath Mode helps families observe Sabbath, by turning off lights and sounds on all three units at sunset, limiting mechanical function and setting temperatures to a steady state in the oven.

Inspired by the different ways families care and entertain, each appliance in the Smart Kitchen Suite with the CareSync™ system can be personalized through the Whirlpool® mobile app:

– The Smart Front Control Range lets families preheat, start, pause, stop and adjust the temperature and cook time for the oven, and shows how much cook time is remaining – all from a smartphone. Consumers can choose to receive mobile alerts for when preheat and cook times are complete, so there’s no need to keep running back and forth to the kitchen. And, when the Nest Thermostat is set to away, consumers receive an alert through the Whirlpool® mobile app if their oven is on when no one is home.

– The Smart Dishwasher sends alert notifications to consumers when a dish cycle is complete, and when the Whirlpool® mobile app is synced with an Amazon account, the dishwasher estimates when supplies like dish detergent and affresh® washer cleaner are running low and automatically re-orders more through Amazon Dash Replenishment.

– In addition to the completely and intuitively re-imagined inside of the Smart French Door Refrigerator with a unique shelving system that is now the industry’s easiest refrigerator to organize, families can use smart notifications on their app to alert them of a power or Wi-Fi outage, and get reminders to change the air and water filters.
Also through the Whirlpool® mobile app, each appliance in the suite features advanced care by displaying fault codes and helping to schedule service appointments.

The Whirlpool® Smart Kitchen Suite with the CareSync™ system features three CES Innovation Award honorees – the Whirlpool® Smart Front Control Range, Whirlpool® Smart Dishwasher and Whirlpool® Smart French Door Refrigerator in the Home Appliances and Smart Home categories.

For more information, visit ces.whirlpool.com and follow #EveryDayCare.

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