Vancouver’s Second-Hand Economy Q&A with Daniel Fu

Wondering how you can leverage the second-hand economy? I chatted with Daniel Fu, past star of The Liquidator on OLN and host of Kijiji’s second season of Second-Hand Van to get his expert insight on how Vancouverites can buy, sell and swap items they own to help add value to their lives.

What is “Second-Hand Van” all about?

Second-Hand Van is a four-part web series showing the cool things Vancouverites are doing with the second-hand economy here in Vancouver. Created by Kijiji, the series features a diverse range of characters who make it all happen, and as host, I’m fortunate to go behind the scenes with them to get a closer look. Whether it’s purchasing a second-hand surfboard or rolling into Vancouver’s vintage motorcycle scene, Second-Hand Van really demonstrates what makes buying, selling, or trading second-hand goods in Vancouver totally unique. It’s a fun ride.

Why did you want to be a part of this series?

I wanted to be a part of this series because the second-hand economy plays a huge part in sustainability — something that I’m passionate about. It also celebrates our local community. What I love about the series is that it shows how the second-hand economy is a fun, easy, and safe way to bring Vancouverites together to buy, sell, swap and help each other out, all the while saving money and ultimately lessening our carbon footprint. The more people sell and buy second-hand, the less ends up in landfills. 

How can Vancouverites leverage and benefit from the second-hand economy this summer?

As we all know, Vancouver is an expensive city to live, eat and play – all things we love to do during the summer. Not only can locals save money by finding a lot of great everyday items on Kijiji, they can also make some extra pocket cash by decluttering and selling or swapping items. Everything from art to sports equipment, or jewelry to vintage furniture that are no longer being used and you wouldn’t expect to have value anymore, can be sold or swapped to earn a profit so you can afford to do all the things you love this summer.

How has it personally benefited your life?

I buy, sell and swap on the regular and it’s added so much value to my life. I can easily and sustainably get rid of anything I don’t want anymore and pass it on to someone else that can make good use of it. The best part is, I’m earning money while doing it! It’s also allowed me to accumulate so many unique and fun items that I might not be able to afford if I purchased them new. For example, the surfboard I bought on Kijiji as featured in the third episode of Second-Hand Van. I was about to source it quickly and ended up going on an adventure and learned a new skill, all thanks to the second-hand economy.

What’s the most interesting or unique item you’ve bought sold or swapped?

When gold prices were at an all-time high, I purchased old jewelry off Kijiji – bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. – melted them down and resold the gold for more money than I purchased it for.

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