Vancouver Ranks Top Canada’s Most Walkable Cities 2013

Vancouver Ranks Top Canada’s Most Walkable Cities 2013

Vancouver, with a Walk Score of 78, topped Canada’s most walkable cities in the first ranking of Most Walkable Canadian Cities and Neighbourhoods. Walk Score rated the walkability of more than 300 Canadian cities and 1,200 neighbourhoods.

Walk Score’s ranking of the top 10 largest Canadian cities includes:

1. Vancouver (Walk Score: 78)
2. Toronto (Walk Score: 71)
3. Montreal (Walk Score: 70)
4. Mississauga (Walk Score: 59)
5. Ottawa (Walk Score: 54)
6. Winnipeg (Walk Score: 53)
7. Edmonton (Walk Score: 51)
8. Hamilton (Walk Score: 51)
9. Brampton (Walk Score: 48)
10. Calgary (Walk Score: 48)

Walkable neighbourhoods offer numerous benefits:

  • A recent Toronto Public Health study found overwhelming consumer preference for walkable neighbourhoods with a range of shops and services within walking distance, a short commute to work or school, and easy access to public transit.  The study further found that people living in walkable neighbourhoods have lower body weights and that walkable neighbourhoods contribute to better air quality and traffic reduction.
  • People who live in walkable areas are 2.4 times more likely to get the required daily amount of physical activity (Healthy Weights for Healthy Kids: Report of the Standing Committee on Health, 39th Parliament, 1st session, Government of Canada).
  • One point of Walk Score adds up to US$3,000 to home values according to independent research conducted by CEOs for Cities.

While the official ranking covers Canadian’s ten largest cities, here are a couple of Canadian notables:

  • Of the 1,200 scored, 30 neighbourhoods are “Walker’s Paradises“ with a Walk Score of 90 or higher.
  • Toronto has more “Walker’s Paradise” neighbourhoods (17) than Vancouver (3).
  • Victoria, highly walkable with a Walk Score of 78, is too small (population under 100,000) to make the ranking, but otherwise would have rivaled Vancouver. And Westmount, a small city on the Island of Montreal (with a population of approximately 20,000) takes home the top Walk Score with a 79.

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