TwoCane: this is not your granddaddy’s cane

Necessity is the mother of all inventions and in the case of Vancouver inventor Marco Longley, a life-changing collision with a drunk driver inspired him and his business partner, David Bernhardt, to create the TwoCane.

As Longley and Bernhardt say, “this is not your granddaddy’s cane.” In fact, the conventional cane left a lot to be desired for seniors, people recuperating from surgery or for those who suffer mobility and balance challenges in navigating a wide variety of modern day scenarios. Inevitably, the assistance of one cane is often inadequate, but, using a walker which provides more stability is cumbersome and unwieldy.

After a dozen surgeries, that was certainly the experience of Longley. So, he and Bernhardt let their ingenuity loose, resulting in the most versatile walking cane on the planet. The innovative award-winning TwoCane instantly splits from a stylish mobility aid into two canes for superior balance and stability. It also converts into an “easy-up” assist to help seniors lift themselves out of chairs or cars, and then easily pops back into one cane when two are no longer required or when one needs a free hand. Under development is the TwoCane’s ability to also morph into a single crutch – all within what looks like an elegant walking cane.

As the first truly significant modification to the walking cane since ancient Egypt, one of North America’s largest medical tradeshow awarded the TwoCane the Gold Award for Innovative New Product.

Given its proven utility to anyone with mobility or balance impairments, Longley and Bernhardt are now moving from 3D printed prototypes to full scale mass production. But first, they need your help to raise $40,000 on Indiegogo, an online crowdfunding platform to start the tooling and manufacturing.

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