Three students from British Columbia named finalist in Canada’s Doodle 4 Google competition

Today, Google announced the 12 student finalists of Doodle 4 Google, a nationwide competition inviting students from kindergarten to grade 12 to redesign the Google logo, and three students from British Columbia are on the list!

Google is now encouraging Canadians to vote for their favourite doodles by June 2 to give students a chance to have their artwork featured on for a day and win a $10,000 university scholarship.

In March, Google kicked off Doodle 4 Google in Canada by asking students across the country to use their imagination and answer the question “What I see for Canada’s future is…”, in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday. The judging panel was blown away by the 10K+ submissions.

Here are the finalists from British Columbia:

A Beautiful World
Student: Faizaan Buttar
Grade group: Kindergarten-grade 3
School: Surrey Muslim School
Doodle description: I see harmony between people and nature, and making sure there are no endangered species or global warming.

Student: Ahmber Bains
Grade group: Grade 4-6
School: Crofton House School
Doodle description: Each of the letters represents one of the things that I see for Canada’s future. Immigrants coming to Canada, a just society, the advancement of technology, a multicultural society, Canadians setting foot on Mars, and people caring for Canada.

Into the 22nd Century
Student: Lina Yan’s
Grade group: Grade 7-9
School: David Thompson Secondary School
Doodle description: In the future, it is likely that Canada will achieve a lot in technology, especially the exploration of outer space. However, among vast technological developments, Canada will still be a country of diversity and equality. Everyone will be welcomed, no matter of colour or race. With growing patriotism and technology, I believe that Canada will continue to be a country that many dream to come to, and will rise to prosperity in the near future.

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