Robson Square name up for sale to corporate sponsor

Robson Square name up for sale to corporate sponsor

For the second time since the 2010 Winter Olympics, the provincial government is trying to sell Robson Square’s name to a corporate sponsor.

Complex operator Shared Services B.C. published a Nov. 25 request for proposals seeking a marketing professional to introduce an “advertising partner” to the province. Dec. 19 is the bid deadline.

The government hopes to sign a three-to-five year deal with a company or individual whose main business does not sell alcohol, tobacco, weapons or pornography or harm the environment.

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  1. RJZTV says:

    If they take the money  for from the Cooperate Sponsor and put it wards home for the homeless, or something along those lines. I’m down but if it goes to someones bonus. I’m out.   

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