RentGeek Considers your Lifestyle When Looking for a Home

RentGeek Considers your Lifestyle When Looking for a Home

Author: Michael Dyatchenko

RentGeek Considers your Lifestyle When Looking for a Home

Remember that time when you were looking for a place to rent out? Those weekends spent on Craigslist and Kijiji going through Vancouver listings and finding the right one. Weeding out the ones that are insanely expensive, the ones that are in that grimy area of the city (you know the one I’m talking about), and the ones that are signed “jus wanna be ur frend lul call meh ; )”. You’ve probably gone through this process so often that you’ve gained the analytical capabilities of a supercomputer. Well we here at RentGeek made sure that you can take it easy during your home hunting and we’ve taken that extra workload off your shoulders. And best of all, the founder of Hello Vancity, James Chung, has joined our board of advisors. He’s bringing his valuable experience in real estate and community blogging to the team, so we’ll be shaping ourselves to fit your needs.

What is RentGeek?

We are a local Vancouver service that helps you find the apartments, houses, condos, basements, lofts, studios, townhouses or garden suites in the Vancouver area that are most suitable for you. Just let us know a little bit about yourself and we’ll make sure to find you the listings that are best for your lifestyle. Remember that landlord that told you “Don’t be a fool! You’ll never find a place better than this!” while waving his cane angrily as you walked away. Well, RentGeek will help you find one. We’ll show you the listings that best match what you want in a in a home and neighbourhood. We don’t only take into account your dream home, but also your dream neighbourhood in the Lower Mainland.

We consider your lifestyle.

The details about a home don’t mean very much when it comes to your lifestyle (even cave trolls need to enter Vancouver and get groceries). We’ll actually look at neighbourhoods that have the things that you find important to choosing the location of your home. Love clubbing? We’ll get you as close to Electric Avenue as possible. Got kids? We’ll find the homes that are near the best schools. Love working out? We’ll find homes closest to the nearest dumbells and treadmills.

So what?

Owning a home isn’t just about having a well-structured roof over your head and having walls that are the precise shade of indigo. You need to consider what’s around you. And if you’re not willing to drive around each neighbourhood in the Greater Vancouver area and plot out your surroundings, we’ll give you all that information. We even give you the statistics of what kind of people live there under our “Neightbourhoods” tab. Don’t overlook this part. You have the power of choice now, not those pesky landlords!

What we want to do is help you get all the relevant information necessary for finding a home in the Greater Vancouver area. Don’t just settle on a good home in a bad neighbourhood; go for the best home in the best neighbourhood. And the best part is, you’re the one who defines what’s good and bad for you. You can consider RentGeek as your personal geek who knows everything about everything. But you can tell him what you want to hear. This way you won’t be overwhelmed with information that’s irrelevant to you like the magnetic flux patterns forgone in quantum levitation or how to hit on people in Chewbacca’s mother tongue.

RentGeek Considers your Lifestyle When Looking for a Home

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