Purina introduces ONE Score to help Canadian dog owners quickly and easily evaluate the health and wellness of their dogs

To help Canadians celebrate National Pet Day, today Purina ONE unveiled a new scoring system that enables pet owners to measure and better understand their dog’s overall health from the comfort of their homes, dubbed ONE Score.

– 91% of BC pet owners who have celebrated National Pet Day have purchased a special treat for their pet to celebrate the holiday
– Less than â…“ of BC dog owners (31%) think their dog is extremely healthy. ONE Score gives BC dog owners the opportunity to check in on their dog’s health in between vet visits
– 92% of dog owners in BC have an interest in learning more about their dog’s health
– 96% of BC dog owners would be interested in using a tool to easily measure their dog’s health, and the ONE Score is an easy-to-use scoring system that Ontarians can use in the comfort of their home

Designed to help complement veterinary appointments, Purina’s ONE Score empowers dog owners with a new tool to monitor their dog’s health with ease and convenience.

The ONE Score examines seven key areas of a dog’s overall health; energy level, appetite, bowel movements, skin condition, coat quality, breath smell and dental appearance. The ONE Score assigns each attribute a numerical score, which are then combined to create an overall rating that provides owners with an informal health assessment, as well as recommended next steps.

A recent study amongst 1,023 Canadian dog owners, conducted by Purina and Maru/Matchbox revealed that 91 per cent of Canadian dog owners would be interested in a tool that would help them easily measure their dog’s health, and ONE Score was created for exactly this reason. Additionally, the study found less than one quarter of Canadians (22 per cent) feel their dog is extremely healthy.

“We heard the concerns of Canadian pet owners loud and clear. Our intent was to create a tool that empowers dog owners – instead of owners playing a guessing game with something as delicate as health, ONE Score provides an easy-to-use scoring system that educates and informs owners,” said Stacy Lynn Fernandes, Nutritional Communications Manager at Nestlé Purina PetCare Canada. “There’s no denying that Canadian dog owners care deeply about the wellbeing of their dogs, it only makes sense to monitor changes in important visible signs of their health in between visits to the veterinarian.”

Purina ONE’s new ONE Score was developed by a panel of experts – including an animal nutritionist and a practicing small animal veterinarian – and was inspired by the positive visible changes Purina ONE can have on the health of a dog. The Purina ONE SmartBlend of ingredients offers complete and balanced nutrition, with zero fillers and real meat, poultry or fish is always the first ingredient. Purina ONE supports a dog’s lifelong whole body health at every life stage.

To download the ONE Score, visit http://bit.ly/one_score

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