On November 11, help bring the moment of silence online


Since November 11, 1918, we’ve honoured those who’ve lost their lives to conflict with a moment of silence. But for many, the day carries less relevance than it once did. In a generation where smartphones and social media fill our minds with constant information, a quiet moment of reflection is hard to come by.

Online Moment of Silence goal is to extend the traditional moment of silence to social media, where we can more relevantly connect with today’s audiences.

How to get involved:
Visit onlinemomentofsilence.com to schedule a blank post. This post (a blank, white image) will automatically be published to your social accounts on November 11.

With your involvement, we can blanket social platforms with silent posts, reminding anyone checking their feeds to dedicate a moment of silence for all the lives lost in conflict.

James Chung

Vancouver Lifestyle, Cool Tech & Travel Adventure. Email: [email protected]

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  1. Jon Startup says:

    Awesome idea!

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