Monk McQueen’s restaurant closing after 26 years, replaced by Mahony & Sons

Monk McQueen's restaurant closing after 26 years, replaced by Mahony & Sons

After over 26 years in its premier oceanfront Stamps Landing location, the Monk McQueen’s Fresh Seafood and Oyster Bar is excited to announce it’s passing the reigns to The Mahony Family of Vancouver for a new Mahony & Sons location as of January 1, 2013. With a plan to renovate and reopen in summer 2013, this is the third location for the Vancouver based Irish pub themed chain; the Monk’s Group will maintain ownership of the building.

“Since opening for Expo 86, we’ve had an incredible run at Stamps Landing,” says Monk’s owner Bob Lindsay. “We’ve employed well over 2,000 people, and had a tremendous impact on the community. Find me a Vancouverite that hasn’t been in love or fallen in love on Monk’s deck! After a decision to change our business focus, we worked hard to find the right group. The Mahony Family is the perfect fit. We wish them the best of success and sincerely hope they enjoy this iconic, unrivalled location as much as we have.”

Chris Mahony, Proprietor of Mahony & Sons states, “We are very proud and excited to be opening Mahony & Sons Stamps Landing and look forward to being a part of the growing South False Creek community. The team at Monk’s – from the owners and management to their entire team – have done a remarkable job in building Monk’s into the destination it is today and we welcome the opportunity to build on that tradition.”

Monk’s is celebrating the transition with what is sure to be a memorable New Year’s Eve Retirement Party on December 31, 2012 – details to unfold at

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