Meccanica by Cressey Unveiled! Vancouver New Condo Development

Meccanica by Cressey Unveiled! Vancouver New Condo Development Logo

Welcome to Meccanica by Cressey! On this same site at First and Quebec, a company named Intermeccanica lovingly custom-created Porsche speedsters and roadsters. For over 30 years, their powerful design aesthetic ruled this spot. Now, it continues with Meccanica. That same love of design will live on and the Intermeccanica inspiration will re-emerge in the new community that bares their name. Four walls inspired by four wheels.

Rafii Architects, the architect team behind Donovan and James, have crafted Meccanica to include sophisticated architectural details rarely seen in this city: things like classic exterior of galvanized metal and glass, and the grill-like look of its western facade. Inside, the unexpected continues. These are big impact homes, raw but refined. Starting with floors of polished concrete, air conditioning and 7-foot wide industrial metal door leading to your bedroom, to the super high gloss kitchen cabinets in Porsche inspired colours, there’s more glass, more detailing and more ceiling height – we’re talking over 9-feet! Not to mention, more Cressey deep thinking on how to make uberfunctional floorplans with a better overall flow, roomier feel and famous Cressey kitchen.

Meccanica by Cressey Unveiled! Vancouver New Condo Development

Price Range

Speedster Models — most comprehensive with different sizes, types and styles

Type Plan Size (sq. ft.) Price
1 bedroom & Studio Speedster ModelsC, J, K, L 555 — 679 $290,000 — $410,000
1 bedroom + Work Speedster ModelsA, B 650 — 659 $410,000 — $450,000
2 bedroom Speedster ModelsE, G 783 — 980 $540,000 — $710,000
2 bedroom + Work Speedster ModelsD, D1, F 854 — 1,024 $570,000 — $680,000

Roadster Models – city homes accessible from the street with your own front door

Type Plan Size (sq. ft.) Price
1 bedroom Roadster Model B 632 $380,000 — $400,000

Turbo Models — podium penthouse level homes with large patios spaces

Type Plan Size (sq. ft.) Price
1 bedroom Turbo Model C 799 $560,000
2 bedroom Turbo Model A 1,008 $740,000 — $750,000
2 bedroom + Work Turbo Model B 878 $640,000 — $650

Meccanica by Cressey offers everything you need in a home with a few special ways to really personalize.
All homes (except studios) come with 1 parking and maintenance fees have been estimated at $0.35/sf. Meccanica is estimated to complete in the fall of 2014.

Deposit Structure

An initial deposit of 10% is due at time of offer, an additional 5% is due on the latter of the amendment to disclosure or 90 days after acceptance and a final 5% deposit is due on the latter of 120 days following the 2nd deposit or 210 days following vendor’s acceptance.

Meccanica – East 1st Avenue and Quebec Street, Vancouver, BC

If you’d like to know more about this amazing new False Creek real estate development or if you are thinking of buying or selling your home, please do not hesitate to email James Chung, Vancouver REALTOR® at [email protected] or call ( 6 0 4 ) 7 1 9 – 6 3 2 8 today!

Just letting you know when using a REALTOR® when buying new from a Developer. It doesn’t cost you a penny! The developer will pay the REALTOR® a commission for bringing a qualified buyer to the table — buyers simply reap the benefits. The developer’s sales representative works for the company, and is paid to protect the company’s interest. A REALTOR® should have one person’s interests in mind — their clients.

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