Interview: Annette Cheung, Vancity Weddings Directory

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a mother to two adorable kids. They’re the ones that remind me everything is possible; all you have to do is try. They inspire me every day to enjoy the moments, which is why it’s important that I must love what I do. If I’m not with my family, I better be with great company or loving my work – which I do.

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What inspire to start Vancity Weddings?

During my wedding planning in 2008, I noticed there was a lack of online wedding resources. Planning a wedding can be quite stressful, so I wanted to make a simple and easy-to-use website where brides could find information on wedding vendors easily. Vancity Weddings Directory has since grown, becoming one of the top wedding directories in Vancouver and featuring over 1000+ wedding vendors in B.C.

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Toronto Wedding List (
Calgary Wedding List (

Hows your experience expanding into other markets in Calgary and Toronto?

We’re really excited to be expanding our directory to Toronto & Calgary. Toronto Wedding List ( & Calgary Wedding List ( are still quite new, so we’re introducing ourselves to new vendors and trying to build our reputation (again). Luckily, we have Vancity Weddings Directory to showcase what can be done and how we’ve made a resource for brides that’s straight to the point and easy to use. Everyone has been really supportive and we’re excited for 2015.

What’s the biggest trend for wedding this year?

There are so many new wedding trends. I wouldn’t say there’s a specific

big trend, but here’s a few wedding trends that are becoming popular:

– Slow Motion Booths

– Wedding Stylist

– Vintage Items

– Film Photography (Fine Arts Photography)

There is likely going to be more wedding pop-up Shoppes that will be happening around town! Unlike wedding shows (which only run for a day or two), the pop-up shops are usually longer and feature an array of talented local vendors to meet and chat with.

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Vancity Weddings Directory (

Any advice in how the bride and groom can use Vancity Weddings? to plan for the big day.

Vancity Wedding Directory ( has a long list of talented vendors that brides and grooms can choose from that will fit any budget. All the information is on one long page, so brides and grooms won’t have to go through pages and pages to find vendors. We also feature articles from professional wedding vendors that talk about wedding trends and how to plan your wedding. We have also begun featuring local weddings in hopes to give our readers ideas and inspiration as they plan their wedding day.

How to hire the right company for the wedding? catering, photographer, decors? (ie. do you check for reference? interview the photographer?)

The web is such a great tool to read references about vendors. You can also talk to your friends who recently got married if they heard of the vendors. Regardless if you’re hiring for a caterer, photographer, deejay, etc. it’s extremely important to meet with them prior to booking. It’s good to meet them and make sure they know what you want for the wedding and you’re all on the same page.

Whats your long-term goal for the brand? How do you see the brand evolving?

Vancity Weddings Directory has grown so much since the last few years. We want Vancity Weddings not only be a resource site, but also a site for brides and groom to go to for inspiration. I’m hoping for Toronto Wedding List and Calgary Wedding List to eventually follow suit. For now, we’re stepping into the right direction.

What’s the best way for companies (cater, photographer) to promote themselves on Vancity weddings?

We offer so many different options for companies to promote themselves on our website such as our paid packages (Silver / Gold), button & banner ads, articles, contest, etc. We work closely with vendors to ensure they receive the exposure that they’re looking for.

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