How to pay property taxes – Greater Vancouver Real Estate Update 2012

How to pay property taxes - Greater Vancouver Real Estate Update 2012

How to pay property taxes
Visit your local government’s web site for details on how to pay. Then check the due date on your tax notice, complete the Home Owner Grant application and then pay:

Online by you must first sign up for this free online Canada Post delivery service that lets you pay electronically. When you pay and claim your Home Owner Grant electronically, you’ll receive a receipt with a confirmation number

In person: take your tax notice and a credit or debit card, your cheque book, a certified cheque or cash to your local government finance department. Check business hours

At the drop box: located near the front entrance of most City Hall offices. There may be drop boxes in alternate locations as well

By mail: your payment must arrive at City Hall by the due date on your tax notice

At a financial institution: most banks and credit unions accept tax payments in person. You can also pay online or by phone through your bank or credit union. Remember to submit your Home Owner Grant form directly to City Hall

Through your mortgage: your mortgage company can pay your property taxes on your behalf if you arrange for this service beforehand

By installments: check with your local government to see if prepayment options are offered.

If a home owner doesn’t pay their property taxes

If a property owner doesn’t pay their property taxes by the due date (check the tax notice), and doesn’t submit the Home Owner Grant form by the due date, there are serious consequences.

The property owner will be charged a percentage of outstanding taxes as a penalty. If taxes are unpaid after three consecutive years, the property may be auctioned. Tax sale dates and processes can be found on local government web sites.

The upside of property taxes?

Property taxes help fund a range of local capital projects and services, including:

  • Animal control and shelters
  • Archives/libraries/museums
  • Bicycle lanes/paths/walkways
  • Building regulation
  • Community centres
  • Energy efficiency upgrades
  • Environmental protection
  • Garbage and recycling
  • Heritage planning
  • Local road maintenance
  • Parks/trails/green space
  • Police/fire/emergency services
  • Safe drinking water
  • Sewage treatment
  • Sidewalks
  • Swimming pools/tennis courts/skating rinks/playing fields

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