Home design: 8 emerging trends – Metro Vancouver Real Estate 2012

Home design: 8 emerging trends - Metro Vancouver Real Estate 2012

Design trend No. 1: classic, yet contemporary

The new houses with strong sales now are those that blend modern and traditional elements to create cleaner and simpler elevations. Interior spaces are clean, bright and simple. Gone are the heavy detailing and generous ornamentation of the recent past.

Design trend No. 2: outdoor spaces as an extension of living space

Whether for a single-family house or a multifamily building, homebuyers are looking for private outdoor spaces that blend seamlessly with the indoors. This trend cuts across geographic regions, being as true in the colder sections of the country as in the warmer, milder areas.

Design trend No. 3: good, cost-effective designs

To keep construction costs low, we’ll see multiple roof lines and complexity give way to simplified forms. Gone is the “exploding roof” design paradigm for the straightforward gable roof and rectangular form. Innovative and creative approaches to layouts, storage, curb appeal and so on will be established in the early design stage to ensure that the new designs don’t become boring.

Design trend No. 4: the family triangle

It used to be that open floor plans were limited to certain geographic regions and buyer profiles. Now the open floor plan is desired throughout the country and by every market segment. The old living room has been replaced by a flexible space that can be used as needed while still being close to the family triangle. The jurors noted that these new open plans rely on light and detail to give a feeling of spaciousness rather than simply being large.

Design trend No. 5: multigenerational living

Whether it’s because more children are returning home after college or more parents are moving in with the family, multigenerational homes are increasing in popularity. In fact, one study indicated that the construction of such homes has jumped 30 percent in the past few years.

So whether they create “lock-off” units, two master suites (one up and one down) or some other type of space, builders are recognizing the increased need for these types of homes and planning for them in their designs. Amenities such as wider hallways, elevators, grab bars and so on are all becoming the norm.

Design trend No. 6: kitchen entertaining with a view

Kitchens continue to be without a doubt the center of the house. But with square footage being trimmed, designers are having to develop innovative solutions for storage and functional needs. There’s also an increasing use of large windows to keep the kitchen light, bright and airy so it can live large. The loss of wall space for cabinetry is made up with walk-in pantries (dubbed the “Costco Closet”), where it’s not uncommon to find the (messy) kitchen desk hidden from view.

Design trend No. 7: green design elements that consumers understand and want

Buyers expect a certain level of green elements in their homes today. Items that are somewhat familiar, reduce operating costs and are easy to use are the most popular.

Design trend No. 8: less land development, more focus on multifamily

The trend is to smaller developments and infill properties with a proximity to transportation and other amenities. A mix of housing types and buyer profiles is evident so that families across generations can live close to one other. Less emphasis is now placed on the importance of a car, as buyers want to live in walk-to-everything communities.

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