Garry Bone of Livestock Pays Homage to Vancouver for Reebok’s 30th Anniversary Classic Leather

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Reebok’s Classic Leather, the brand has been partnering with some of the industry’s most notable names, including retailers like Vancouver’s Livestock. The store was founded in 2003 by Garry Bone who, as it so happens, only wanted to only wanted to launch a “well-rounded shoe store,” and who started out buying his stock “really cheap from some close-out place.” Fast-forward nearly a decade and Livestock has become one of Canada’s premier footwear and apparel retailers, along with a go-to spot for both general release and hard-to-find kicks. Here, Bone talks with Hypebeast about the origins of Livestock, his introduction to Reebok and his own involvement with the 30th Anniversary Classic Leather project

Garry Bone of Livestock Pays Homage to Vancouver for Reebok's 30th Anniversary Classic Leather

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