G-Zero battery electric karts crowdfunding campaign

G-Zero battery electric karts crowdfunding campaign

The G-Zero Championship Racing Series, Canada’s first motorsports championship featuring zero emission electric karts (go-karts) will launch its inaugural championship series of races in the spring of 2013.

Racing at over 100 KpH, the Series will challenge those that dream fast and aspire for glory with 8 unique temporary circuits in front of tens of thousands of spectators. Propelling the teams and drivers will be karts powered by battery electric engines, making the Series the first zero emission multi-event Karting Championship anywhere around the globe. Each of the events will be held on city streets within a commercial district, meaning we bring the racing to the people instead of asking them to come out to a custom built circuit. On top of that, each weekend long event will showcase the flavour of the host communities in a free to the public festival of clean speed.

Why the Series will be awesome!

  1. There are few sports that can incorporate excitement, drama, speed and even family in one place. Karting can get the blood flowing and the excitement going, yet is easy to understand and possesses the ability to create a thrilling athletic moment around each corner.
  2. If you have ever been out racing in a rental go-kart, you know the thrill of the speed. Well we race at almost double that speed, have no harmful emissions and produce about 20 decibals of sound.
  3. By racing with Battery Electric karts, we are demonstrating the potential of this automotive technology. We are literally giving the Battery Electric car industry its track record and showcasing what a battery electric vehicle can do to tens of thousands of spectators.
  4. Each weekend long event will have a host of secondary events for spectators to take in; food and merchandise vendors, tradeshow booths from our corporate partners, a kids zone, concert stage and barbeque area helping a local charity are just some of the possibilities.
  5. Since we are bringing the karts into the city and will have this great community festival atmosphere at each event, we will be attracting even more people to come watch the racing.
  6. Green Racing + Already established mass transit to events (less travel) + Repurposed city streets = the most environmentally sound motorsports series ever to come together.

Crowdfunding campaign!

To make this project a reality, G-Zero Championship Racing Series needs to stop talking about the plans in the theoretical and start to demonstrate to the venue and corporate partners, as well as potential teams, the abilities of the karts and the vision we have for the series.

The goal of this campaign is to raise the funds necessary to purchase at least one kart from one of the manufacturing partners.

To help fundraise, please visit: http://www.indiegogo.com/gzeroracing

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