First Dates Canada currently looking for Vancouver singles trying to find love

First Dates Canada is the Canadian version of the hugely popular U.K. documentary format, scheduled to air on SliceTM in 2015. Producers are currently searching for Metro Vancouver-area singles who are looking to meet that special someone. The format sees a Vancouver restaurant filled with real singles on real first dates and is filmed on over 40 remote cameras capturing every moment of what happens. Canadian men and women 19 years of age and over are encouraged to apply online, or nominate a friend, at The first round of meetings with producers are taking place this weekend so now is the time for singles to seize the moment and see if First Dates Canada can find their perfect match.

Honest and observational at its core, First Dates Canada captures the hope, charm, awkwardness, heartfelt humour, and if they’re lucky, that elusive spark, of a first date. At the end of each episode, the couples are filmed side by side sharing their thoughts on the date, whether or not they felt an attraction and, most importantly, whether or not there will be a second date.

“First Dates Canada is a completely new take on the dating show format because it focuses on the human side of dating,” said Toby Dormer, Executive Producer, First Dates Canada and President, Remedy Canada Productions. “While other formats focus on the pairing-up process, this series is about what happens when they actually spend time interacting with each other. It’s sometimes heart-warming, sometimes awkward, but always entertaining and real.”

First Dates Canada is looking for singles in the Vancouver area who are actively looking, or at least open to the prospect of finding someone special. People of every age, gender, orientation, background and profession are welcome to apply via the simple online application form.

For non-singles there’s still an opportunity to get involved by nominating a friend.

“If we’re not looking for love ourselves, we love playing matchmaker, don’t we?” added Heather Muir, Producer and Date Specialist, First Dates Canada. “We all have that one friend we can’t believe is still single and this is a great opportunity to play cupid for them. People have tried online dating, speed dating, Tinder and more, but this is a new, fun and genuine way to find a soul mate, or at the very least, someone you connect with. With only a month until Valentine’s Day, we’d like nothing more than to put a little love in the air.”

Those looking for an opportunity to meet someone special, or nominate a friend for the show, can visit for more information. The series will be filmed in Vancouver, but all Canadians are welcome to apply.

First Dates Canada currently looking for Vancouver singles trying to find love

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