EA Sports predicts the Vancouver Canucks will win the Stanley Cup

EA SPORTS Stanley Cup Final prediction

EA Sports’ NHL ’11 Simulation Engine has predicted that the Vancouver Canucks will hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup after a tough, seven-game series. That same engine picked the Chicago Blackhawks to win last season.

Given the simulation’s accuracy, (correct on 13 out of 14 series thus far) it makes waiting for the series to drop the puck seem that much further away.

Starting back in October in the beginning of the NHL season, the engine has been nearly flawless up to this point. If the computers continue to prove correct, hockey fans are in for what could be one of the most memorable Stanley Cup Finals in history.

Here’s the entire series breakdown from EA Sports’ NHL ’11 Simulation Engine:

Game 1: Boston 1 @ Vancouver 2 [OT]
Game 2: Boston 2 @ Vancouver 4
Game 3: Vancouver 0 @ Boston 1
Game 4: Vancouver 2 @ Boston 3
Game 5: Boston 2 @ Vancouver 4
Game 6: Vancouver 2 @ Boston 3 [OT]
Game 7: Boston 1 @ Vancouver 3

Vancouver wins the series 4-3. Let’s bring home the Cup, Vancouver!

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  1. Patrickplewik says:

    I just saw Game 1 and Vancouver won 1-0…..

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