Contiki Canada and travelcuts announce Exclusive New Partnership

Contiki Canada and travelcuts announce Exclusive New Partnership

Contiki Canada and travelcuts have announced an exclusive new partnership agreement whereby Contiki Canada will be the only group travel supplier travelcuts will leverage for its 18 to 35-year-old traveller market.

There is a large appetite in the Canadian market, especially amongst millennials, to make the most of experiential travel. They want to take in as much as they can on a trip, feel safe if they are travelling alone, and collect unique, lifelong memories. At the same time, many clients who are the parents and grandparents of this market (“Gifters”) are looking for safe ways to send their children off into the world. Through this exclusive relationship, travelcuts will be able to meet the needs of both travellers and their families more efficiently.

“Young travellers want to create life-defining memories by travelling in such a way that reminds them that they are young and free – they want to do this safely and on a budget,” said Jason Merrithew, Vice President, travelcuts. “Contiki, with over 50 years of experience, has perfected the ultimate experience. We will be able to better hone in on the travel desires for both the young traveller and, in some cases, the parent or grandparent who gifted their trip. With hundreds of trip options, we can ensure travellers experience their bucket list destinations without the unexpected hurdles that travelling independently can bring.” Adds Merrithew.

“For years, travelcuts has been a valued partner for Contiki,” said Brad Ford, President, Contiki Canada. “Taking this partnership into an exclusive relationship will allow us to strategically support travelcuts to penetrate the 18 to 35-year-old market.”

“Optimizing travel for 18-35 year olds, in the style of their choice, is what we do. By working closely with travelcuts, we will be collaborating with another leading millennial travel expert. With over 250 trips around the world, carefully catered to this market, there will be no shortage of options.” Adds Ford.

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