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Daniel Wesley return to his groove-based acoustic troubadour roots on his latest album, I Am Your Man. We chatted with Daniel about starting his own record label, Beachgrove Records, fatherhood and his other passion running.

1. I am Your Man is the first album release on your own label, Beachgrove Records. What were some of the challenges producing your own album now compare to your first album in 2007?

Making sure that Im in the moment as a musician and not looking at the clock as the record label. We recorded this album in two halves, and had five days for five songs for each of the sessions, so everything had to run really smooth to make the songs the way they were in the limited time we had. But Tim and Darren who play drums and bass with me are so great and are able to read their parts of the songs quickly, they usually leave me plenty of time to chill out and just enjoy the process.

2. Did fatherhood influence your song writing process?

It may, Im not really sure. I think ive played more acoustic guitar since Finn was born than usual, which might have an effect. But I think just being a family man and a dad now seems to lead me toward different choices musically that might reflect more of who I am. There’s definitely less time now, so I need to catch that creative spark when it happens in that small window.

3. What is the most rewarding thing about being a Dad?

Just seeing the confidence that Finn has in me really makes me feel so happy. When he looks at me in the eyes and is taking in everything that I’m saying and doing, it’s a very powerful effect. Humbling to say the least.

4. You will be running the Scotia Bank Half Marathon in June. How do you prepare both mentally and physically for race day?

I run for exercise but also I always have much more clarity after a run. Three years ago I ran the Scotia for the first time as my first attempt at a Half, and I fell in love with it. I typically only run by the ocean, so the Scotia is one of the best for that! I usually start 10 weeks ahead of time running about 4 or 5 times a week doing 10 K every time. And build it up at the end with less runs. But this time I have been so busy I dont have time for that. So I just started training this week and Im doing 3 long runs 12- 15 k a week instead. I will taper those down quite a bit in the last week. Thats the goal anyways. Ill see how it goes.

5. What’s your favourite workout songs? Who’s in your playlist?

Bob Marleys greatest hits is pretty much my main running album. But I do Pearl Jam self titled lots as well as the Aggrolites Reggae Hit LA. But mainly Bob. Pretty much the only time I listen to him is when I run. Good vibes and great rythyms.


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Contest Daniel Wesley - I Am Your Man 2

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