Contest! Charlie’s new single “Ghosts”

Charlie, a 16-year-old Vancouver based singer / songwriter and winner of YTV’s The Next Star, recently released her new single “Ghosts”. She is best known for her role as Piper in the YTV and Netflix original sitcom Some Assembly Required, the rising pop sensation has released three original songs and starred in two music videos that garnered more than one million views.

We chatted with Charlie about her song writing process, transition from music to comedy and her favourite vegan restaurants.

1. What is your song writing process?

Honestly, the song writing is different for every track. Sometimes, a song can come together with a few weird chords I found on the keyboard, other times it comes together with a concept that I’ve come up with from an inspiration. Once I have found chords, or a concept, it all becomes a creative blur. Before I know it, a work of art is created!

2. What’s “combat boot pop”?

‘Combat boot pop’ is this term I’ve started to use to describe my sound. I like to think of it as the pop genre, with a little edgy twist. It’s hyped up music with a hint of ‘I am who I am, and I love it’ attitude. ‘Combat boot pop’ symbolizes the contrast between the pop sound I have, with my edgy artistic attitude, and darker sounding voice.

3. Being a singer since 12, what are your fondest musical memories?

The whole musical journey that I’ve travelled up to this point has been absolutely stellar. Making my very first music video ‘Good as Gone’ was a big milestone for me. I remember after the shoot, thinking to myself, “I don’t want to do anything else.” Music is such an enamoring phenomenon. The release of my new track ‘Ghosts’ is also a really fond memory of mine. That track has a piece of me in it. That was a breakthrough moment for me: a new step, and a big one at that, in the right direction.

4. How was the transition from music to comedy with Some Assembly Required?

Both music and comedy have one major thing in common: they reach out to an audience. There is nothing I love more than inspiring others with my work. Transitioning from music to ‘Some Assembly Required’ has been so welcoming. I’ve been learning new things every day, and making people laugh. It just lights something up inside of me.

5. Who are your favourite comedians?

All my life, I have greatly admired Lucille Ball. I grew up watching ‘I love Lucy’. Her facial expressions, her talent, her stage presence, It has most certainly made her my favourite comedian of all time. Ellen DeGeneres comes as a close second.

6. Can you tell us more about your upcoming EP in 2016?

Oh boy. The EP. All I can say, is I am absolutely thrilled about it. You can expect more pop with a dark edge. The songs on the EP definitely explore new boundaries. It’s a work of art.

7. What’s your top 5 favourite vegan restaurants in Vancouver?

1) The Naam
2) Noodle box
3) The Foundation
4) Eternal Abundance
5) Wild Rice


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