City of Vancouver unveils $2.8 billion vision for Broadway Corridor subway

Today at Council, staff presented an update on the Broadway Subway line, which would provide rapid transit along Vancouver’s Broadway corridor. The corridor has the second most jobs in the Province and is the busiest transit corridor in North America.

Staff made the case on why a subway through the Broadway Corridor (extending out to UBC) is the recommended transit priority for Vancouver. Reasons include:

  • A subway is the only technology that can meet Broadway’s ridership needs
  • A subway could handle 20,000 people per hour, compared to just 7,000 for a streetcar
  • Transit volumes would double on Broadway if rapid transit capacity was added
  • A Streetcar would require 90% of parking spots removed along Broadway, along with turn restrictions at 90% of intersections. It would also be at full capacity on day one of opening.

Investing in a subway for the Broadway Corridor (extending to UBC) would benefit all of the Metro Vancouver region, not just the City of Vancouver. This is because:

  • 50% of trips to UBC and the Broadway Corridor are from outside Vancouver
  •  2,000 transit passengers are passed up at Commercial Broadway station during rush hour
  •  The Broadway Corridor is the second biggest job centre in British Columbia

A Broadway Subway line is city policy and is part of the Transportation 2040 plan, as it is the only way the City can achieve its transportation and greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Download Broadway Rapid Transit Presentation

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