City of North Vancouver Launches On-Street Recycling Program and Living City Initiative

City of North Vancouver Launches On-Street Recycling Program and Living City Initiative

The City of North Vancouver is delivering a new on-street recycling program to the community. As part of its climate action initiatives, the City is, installing fifteen new recycling containers in prominent locations throughout the community. The new containers will provide the public with the opportunity to deposit recyclable materials into the street bins. The program is the result of a recent City waste audit that found a significant volume of recyclable materials being placed in on-street garbage containers.

The City’s new recycling units have three brightly labelled separate openings for newspaper/mixed paper, beverage containers and garbage, and will eventually replace many pole mounted containers and free-standing, single stream trash receptacles.

The convenience of these bins will offer a much needed service that will promote increased recycling in our community, and help reduce the amount of waste being sent to the landfill,” says Mayor Darrell Mussatto. “The City will continue to pursue new sustainability initiatives that support our climate action efforts.”

This on-street recycling program supports the City’s waste reduction goals and introduces a new initiative called Living City — the City brand that identifies and promotes all of the City’s environmental sustainability initiatives. Living City celebrates what the City is doing to create a more liveable, sustainable community and invites residents and businesses to participate in the City’s climate action efforts. Living City includes a number of programs in the following five categories: Our Natural Environment, Reducing Energy Use, Waste Reduction and Recycling, Getting Around and Urban Agriculture. As its introduction to the community, the lively new Living City logo adorns the on-street recycling bins.

Sustainability and climate protection have long been a part of the City’s core values, policies and programs. The City recently established ambitious climate action targets of a 15% reduction in community-wide emissions and a 25% reduction in corporate emissions by 2020. For more information about Living City and the City’s climate action initiatives, visit

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