Cineplex Survey Shows that the Silver Screen Can Help Canadians Beat the ‘Blue Monday’ Blues

Cineplex announced today that for the second year in a row, it is on a mission to help Canadians beat the winter blues on ‘Blue Monday,’ the day experts argue is the most depressing of the year. To help Canadians to ‘See the Big Picture’ and make time for what’s really important, Canada’s largest film exhibitor conducted a national survey polling people across the country about what lifts their spirits as well as their movie-watching habits.

The results are in and a whopping 73 per cent of Canadians confirmed that watching a movie cheers them up. When asked about what films Canadians are embarrassed to love, the survey confirmed that the top ‘guilty-pleasure’ movies in Canada are Legally Blonde (22 per cent), Dumb & Dumber (19 per cent) and Mamma Mia! (16 per cent). Legally Blonde was so popular in fact that it was identified as Canada’s top guilty-pleasure movie across the board – scoring as one of the top three films among Canadian men, women, seniors and millennials.

A good cry can also be therapeutic so Cineplex polled Canadians about what film they are most likely to watch when they are feeling blue and need a good cry. Titanic (21 per cent) emerged as Canada’s favourite tear-jerker, with The Notebook and Old Yeller tying for second place (14 per cent) and Marley & Me (13 per cent) rounding out third.

Additional Survey Insights:
· Women are more likely than men to watch a movie to cheer up (78 per cent versus 68 per cent)
· For men, the top three guilty-pleasure movies are Dumb & Dumber, Spaceballs and Legally Blonde. For women, Legally Blonde, Mamma Mia! and Magic Mike round out the top three
· Well above the national average (73 per cent), 83 per cent of Quebecers say they watch movies as a way to cheer up
· Residents of British Columbia are two times more likely to love Face/Off than the rest of Canada. Those living in Saskatchewan and Manitoba are particularly fond of Anaconda; four times the national average

SCENE Offer on Blue Monday
Armed with the knowledge that movies cheer Canadians up, Cineplex is offering a special redemption offer for SCENE members on Blue Monday, January 16, 2017. SCENE members can treat themselves to any movie, at any Cineplex theatre, for any experience by redeeming half the usual SCENE points – 500 points for regular movies, 750 points for enhanced experiences and 1,000 for VIP Cinemas. This redemption offer will be available in-theatre or online at as of noon on January 11th by selecting the ‘Blue Monday’ redemption offer for January 16, 2017 showtimes exclusively. SCENE members can also rent or buy online movies at on Blue Monday for half the usual points.

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