Are Canadians really celebrating the arrival of spring on March 20?

While the official first day of spring is known as March 20, historically many Canadian communities from coast-to-coast are still covered in snow. The most anticipated season of the year brings positive changes to the attitudes of Canadians – it makes them feel happier, more energetic and excited for outdoor activities ahead. To help celebrate the true arrival of spring, The Home Depot Canada is unveiling new dates for 2017.

The true arrival of spring 2017:
– British Columbia: Monday, April 3
– Ontario: Monday, May 1
– Quebec: Monday, May 1
– Prairies: Monday, May 22
– Atlantic Provinces: Monday, May 29

“Spring is our busiest season, but we don’t look to March 20 to kick it off in our stores, and neither do our customers,” said Doug Graham, Director of Merchandising, Seasonal, The Home Depot Canada. “We know the anticipation for the change in temperature brings Canadian families and communities together, and so we prepare our stores to be ready for the true arrival of spring in each province.”

To determine dates for the true arrival of spring, The Home Depot Canada analyzed search data indicating when Canadian customers are thinking about, purchasing and executing spring projects. While spring evidently kicked-off at different times across the country due to regional weather, the search data also demonstrated that Canadians do not experience the season the same way.

While Quebecers are most eager to search for BBQs at the beginning of the season, residents of British Columbia search for all their other spring needs before focusing on their grills a few weeks into the summer.

No matter when spring will arrive or how it will be celebrated in each region this year, The Home Depot Canada is urging all Canadians to rally together to spot and share the first signs of the season. See snow melting? A flower blooming? Take a picture or video and use the hashtag #ChasingSpring to spread the word as the country eagerly awaits the first hints of the most highly anticipated season.

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