Camp Pacific Launches

Camp Pacific Launches

Vancouver based advertising agency Camp Pacific has launched their annual holiday creative initiative, with a bit of a philanthropic twist. Today they’ve unveiled, an interactive website where users can create their own gingerbread man while pledging their support to become an organ donor. The site contains 500 blank gingerbread men with the goal to have each one decorated, and thereby pledged, by the end of the holidays; the site will remain live until the end of January.

“Each year we try to create something festive to send to send our clients, suppliers and other partners in the spirit of the holiday season. As an ad agency we’re always searching for a great creative idea but this year we also wanted to dig a little bit deeper into the true meaning of the holidays” said Josh Fehr, Executive Creative Director. “We think organ donation is a very worthy cause, an ultimate way to give back, and we’d encourage everyone to consider signing up through our site or BC Transplant.”

The website takes a lighthearted approach to engage and encourage those interested in signing up to be an organ donor. The site links users to the BC Transplant website where they can register as an organ donor and are then given their own gingerbread man to “decorate” with stylized gingerbread organs. Users can revisit the site to find their personalized gingerbread man and share with friends on social media as well.

If you’re interested in pledging your support as an organ donor this holiday season, please visit

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