5 Tips on Showing and Selling Your Home – Greater Vancouver Real Estate 2012

5 Tips on Showing and Selling Your Property - Greater Vancouver Real Estate 2012

Here is the process of showing and selling a home to a buyer:

  • Allow the buyer to look at the home at their pace. Don’t smother them and don’t walk into small rooms. Allow the buyer to experience every part of the house.
  • Don’t sell, ask questions based on any feedback or comments they provide.
  • Ask them what they like about the house.
  • Ask them what they would change about the house.
  • Ask them if they have any further questions.

It’s not an Einstein science exercise, just common sense. If you have listened to their dialogue of wants and needs, paid close attention to their comments as they look at each house and asked each questions about each property, you will be well on your way to determining and finding their perfect home.

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