10 ways to keep summer green – even on the hottest days

10 ways to keep summer green - even on the hottest days

1. Steppin’ light. Leave a smaller footprint with local activities like a trip to the local park or beach, a mountain bike ride, or just relaxing with a book on your patio.

2. Cool and easy. Turn up the thermostat a few degrees on your AC to save tons of cash while making the planet a cooler place.

3. Up in your grill. Love to BBQ? Propane burns much cleaner than wood or charcoal briquettes. When you’re done grilling, use natural cleaning products such as SoyClean organic grill cleaner.

4. The local roundup. Buy tood locally. Farmers markets are great places to shop, and ensure that the veggies – grilled or mixed in a salad haven’t traveled thousands of miles to reach your plate.

5. The green plate special. Use reusable dishes. If you must use disposables, pick compostable varieties to put in the compost bin when you’re done.

6. Greenie bikini. Look lor ecoflriendly clothing, swimsuits, sandals, towels, and skin care. You might just fall in love with a product or style you never knew existed.

7. Charge! Pick up a solar backpack or device like Freeloader or Solio lor day trips, Whether at the beach or on the go you can run and recharge portable devices with solar energy.

8. No poison, please. We all could do without a summer with mosquitos, but do it without poison. Use garlic and rosemary instead of the typical bug sprays.

9. Wet and wise. Water plants only when necessary, and install a low-flow showerhead. Small steps that can make a big difference.

10. The greener road. You can nearly half your carbon emissions by driving instead of flying for a typical 500 km trip. Hit the road.

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