What is a Water Softener?

What is a Water Softener

What Exactly is a Water Softener?

A Water Softener removes hard minerals – calcium and magnesium – from water by exchanging these minerals for the same sodium found in common salt. Hard water is passed through a cylinder containing millions of tiny beads of ion-exchange resin which attract and remove the hard minerals from the water. The resin is automatically cleaned or “regenerated” by rinsing a small amount of brine (common salt – sodium chloride – dissolved in water) through the cylinder. The sodium from the salt is left on the resin as it is exchanged for the hard minerals trapped by the resin. The used brine, containing accumulated hardness, does not enter the household water system – it is automatically flushed away into a drain. Refreshed by the regeneration, the resin is again ready to remove hard minerals, and to soften the water. This process is known as “ion-exchange”.

Why would I need a Water Softener?

Are you spending too much time scrubbing the white scaly deposits from your showers and sinks? Are your dishes and glassware covered with unsightly water spots? Do use more shampoo or laundry soap than you think you should?

If you answered yes to any of those than you should seriously consider a Water Softener.

What can a Water Softener do for me?

Something most people don’t recognize is that “Softened Water” is actually great for your skin! It clings to your skin and helps removed dead skin cells. You can also cut down on the amount of soap and detergents you are using because softened water breaks them down much easier than hard water does. Another added benefit is that softened water can double the life expectancy of your Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Toilets, Shower Heads, Taps and any other water using appliance as it is much gentler on them.

How do I know if I have hard water?

Realistically any water supply that has more than one (1) Grain(s) of hardness is considered hard water,

City Province Hardness Level (grains)
St Johns Newfoundland 0.4
Charlottetown PEI 6.8
Fredicton New Brunswick 6.5
Halifax Nova Scotia 7.5
Montreal Quebec 7.5
Brampton Ontario 24.2
Brandon Manitoba 21
Regina Saskatchewan 29
Calgary Alberta 11.7
Vancouver British Colombia 0.3

Remember, anything below one (1) grain is soft water.

Do I really need one?

If you are confused and debating whether or not your may or may not require a water softener you can always visit your nearest appliance store and request help to find the best solution for your situation.

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