Vancouver Trick or Treating Hotspots

Who’s going Trick or Treating? Check out the Vancouver Trick or Treating Hotspots: An @BTArchitects Experiment in Crowd Mapping

As a sequel to last year’s BTAworks experiment in crowd mapping the Trick or Treat hotspots in the City of Vancouver, we are continuing our trick or treater count for 2012. In addition to being a map of the best neighborhoods inVancouver to collect Halloween loot, last year’s map was an interesting proxy measure towards social cohesion, fabric and capital of Vancouver in terms of neighborhoods, urban design and socioeconomic status.

From last year’s count, Strathcona seemed to be epicenter of the Halloween spirit in Vancouver. There was a distinct pattern in respondents and Trick or Treater hotspots and we’re hoping to expand the number of data points from last year’s count and to expand the count to Metro Vancouver. It is interesting to note that the BTA social media channels have grown from 1,800 Twitter followers and 600 Facebook fans in October 2011 to over 3,300 Twitter followers and 900 Facebook fans in October 2012.

Like last year, we are hoping counters can email us at [email protected] or tweet us with their closest street intersection, number of trick or treaters, and candy type. For example, if you live near the corner of Main and 37th Ave with 40 Trick or Treaters and handing out lollipops, just tweet with the hashtag #treatcount2012 or email the message: “Main and 37 th Ave, 40, lollipops”

We will process emails and tweets during first week of November and publish their results on this blog.


Vancouver Trick or Treating Hotspots

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