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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is the largest city in the province of British Columbia and the third largest city in Canada with a population of over 600,000, but Vancouver’s Greater Area totals more than 2 million people today.

Vancouver is surrounded by water on three sides and it’s nestled alongside the Coast Mountain Range. In addition to being home to spectacular natural scenery and a bustling metropolitan core, Vancouver boasts one of the mildest climates in Canada. Temperatures average 3°C in January and 18°C in July.

Located just a two hour drive north of Seattle, Washington and two hours south of Whistler, Vancouver has become a high technology commercial hub for leading international technology and biotechnology companies like Electronic Arts, Creo, Pivotal and others.

It’s well educated population, desirable outdoor and metropolitan opportunities that include world renowned restaurants, theatres and a vibrant professional sports franchise in the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks has resulted in Vancouver consistently being rated one of the most livable cities in the world by international surveys.

Not only is it a physically beautiful place to live, but the city also provides a wide range of services and opportunities.

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