Schick: living a simple lifestyle improves feelings of happiness

Schick Intuition Simplicity Curve

There’s proof that simple is better. According to recent research by Schick Intuition, the happiest mothers in Canada take active steps to simplify their lives. And, it seems to be paying off – the responses from 750 moms across Canada were used to create the Schick Intuition Simplicity Curve which shows a direct correlation between happiness and simplicity. The curve clearly illustrates that happiness spikes when mothers take deliberate steps to make life more manageable, and embrace a philosophy of “voluntary simplicity.” In fact, the more moms say they embrace the “voluntary simplicity” lifestyle, the happier they are.

Happiness levels vary among Canadian mothers. The research showed that 29% of moms are happy, 38% are neutral and 33% are unhappy – but moms agree that simplifying improves happiness, with 92% saying that simplifying aspects of their life would make them happier.

In addition, of the moms who described themselves as happy, 65% said they live a “voluntary simplicity” lifestyle (defined as living simply and reducing stress), compared to 30% of moms living that lifestyle who identified as unhappy.

“The Schick Intuition Simplicity Curve shows that happiness can be a by-product of consistently and deliberately choosing to do things that make life less complicated,” says Christine Jew, Brand Manager, Schick Intuition. “Canadian moms who take the steps to actively simplify various aspects of their lives are clearly reaping the emotional benefits.”

The most popular step to simplifying life is decluttering the house and getting rid of extra stuff: 86% of moms purge the things they don’t need. Other regular actions that moms take to simplify are managing email (77%), using a calendar system (71%) and ordering in dinners occasionally (68%).

“More than eight in ten moms seek out products and services that would help them simplify aspects of life, as they clearly understand that even small daily tasks contribute to a simpler lifestyle,” says Jew. “For example, if you use a three-in-one razor so that you don’t need to prep, shave and moisturize, that’s simplifying life. It’s a compound effect – simplifying every part of your routine makes your overall life simpler, and that ultimately helps you feel happier.”

The research for the Schick Intuition Simplicity Curve was conducted through an online survey of 750 Canadian mothers with children younger than 18 years of age. The study was conducted by Environics Research Group between December 29, 2015 and January 6, 2016.

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