Our Canadian Love Story

Our Canadian Love Story

Linnie von Sky and Rebecca Bender created a whimsical tale for children and young at heart adults about endless horizons, the smell of maple syrup, why jackrabbits change colour & Canada.

This is an adorable tale that sparks dialogue about the value and importance of immigration to Canada. We live in a country where every 6th person is born elsewhere…think of the diversity this allows our children to experience…right here in Canada.

The book was written in Canada, illustrated in Canada and will be printed, you guessed it, in Canada.

Now you can help publish ‘Our Canadian Love Story’ and allow el señor Giacomo and mademoiselle Jacqueline to fall in love.

400 is the lucky number. That’s how many $25 donations it will take to make Rebecca and Linnie dance across the rainbow.

They reach 60% of their goal in just 9 days and have made it to page one of indiegogo writing campaigns world wide.

They were also tweeted as ‘FUN’ by Air Canada’s enRoute magazine.

With your support this can be as easy as pie. For every $25 donation you contribute, you will receive a signed hardcover copy of ‘Our Canadian Love Story’.

There are many other special ‘thank yous’ to be had…like signed and numbered copies of Rebecca’s original illustrations for the book, thank you mentions, in print, forever or even your very own custom character.

Please show support for local Canadian talent and make their dream come true.

Indiegogo fundraising page – http://igg.me/p/325268/x/2260792

Book’s website – http://www.mysilkweb.ca

Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/OurCanadianLoveStory

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