Cynthia Lucas – President & Owner of View Design

Hello Vancity Profiles: Cynthia Lucas, President & Owner of View Design

Cynthia Lucas began her company designing draperies and furniture in 1991. Over the years, she has expanded it to include everything from initial concept design to project completion.  Cynthia’s strength is in conceptual design; being able to visualize any space and make it into something original — beyond the imagination of others.  Cynthia’s visionary skills and communication gifts allow her clients to dream the finished product with her, right from the start.  She works for her clients’ satisfaction.

At the 2012 Fraser Valley Food Show, Cynthia Lucas will present ideas on how to create your dream kitchen, from quick-fix tips to major renovations, finding your personal style, and design trends. View Design will also create an entertaining lounge and help guests with their questions and ideas at the show.


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