Under Armour Lindsey Vonn Signature Collection Launch

Under Armour launches the Lindsey Vonn Signature Collection – a collection designed and created in collaboration with the World Champion alpine skier. The collection officially launched in Lake Louise – a place nicknamed Lake Lindsey due to the success she has consistently seen on this course: 14 downhill victories and 4 super-G wins.

The elevated resort collection pays homage to Lindsey’s Unlike Any career and features Lindsey’s personal touches throughout the collection – the custom LV Logo displayed on her collection is taken directly from her signature; each item honors a milestone in her historic athletic career, and the lining of the jackets feature a custom print that showcases her accomplishments.

The Lindsey Vonn Signature Collection is just one way Under Armour is rallying behind the World Champion Alpine Skier ahead of the Olympics in Pyeonchang this coming February. This September, Lindsey was featured in Under Armour’s Unlike Any campaign, showcasing how she has overcome setbacks throughout her career and is beyond compare.

Pieces of the Lindsey Vonn Signature Collection will be available in January 2018, with presale available on UA.ca. The full collection will be available for purchase in Fall / Winter 2018.

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