10 Resolutions to Keep Clutter Away in 2014

10 Resolutions to Keep Clutter Away in 2014

Susan Borax and Heather Knittel from Good Riddance Professional Organizing Solutions have come up with 10 household organizing tips to jump-start the best year yet – 2014!

10. Resolve to keep a donation bag in our near your clothes closet. Clothes that are unworn with price tags dating back 3 years are excellent candidates for departure as are outfits that are 2 sizes too small or a work wardrobe that lingers long past your retirement from corporate life. When the bag is filled, drop it off at a clothing bin or try a consignment store if you want to sell some.

9. Resolve to call your children or anyone who has been storing their stuff in your home for longer than Coronation Street has been on TV. Give them a deadline for picking up what they want. Chances are 90% will have been totally forgotten by the owners. Have a Plan B to disperse this stuff, like scheduling a pick-up from a local non-profit.

8. Resolve to save money and de-clutter. If you have 10 X 10 storage locker, see if you can downsize to a 5 X 10. At least go and take a look at what you have. You may be paying to store items that are not worth keeping.

7. Resolve to put things away after purchase. If you don’t immediately remove items from packaging and opaque bags you are likely to misplace them, leading to buying things a second time. This is a no-win situation.

6. Resolve to get somebody to help you. If making decisions as to what to keep and discard is not in your DNA, you need to find a willing ally who can supply the much-needed objective viewpoint. You won’t lapse into overload as easily when there is someone there to hold you accountable.

5. Resolve to eliminate one item for every new item you bring into the house. You will at least be able to
maintain the status quo while introducing new stuff into your home.

4. Resolve to realize that you will not live forever. Find the courage to admit that all of the reading matter, craft supplies and recipes you have stock-piled for “when you get the time” is unrealistic unless you figure out a scheme to achieve immortality. Edit it down by being generous with your donations to others.

3. Resolve to rid your home of anything that has passed its expiration date. This includes food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, old paint and scary looking chemicals. Use responsible disposal methods, then replace, if required.

2. Resolve to not be too busy to do simple de-cluttering maintenance throughout the year. Everything you own requires your time and attention. Less stuff translates to more free time for you. Reduce the commitments to participating in activities outside the home so that you create time to restore order and keep your sanity.

1. Resolve to shop wisely and responsibly. Buy things for the “right” reasons. Purchase items you really need, use or love that will enhance the quality of your life or lifestyle.

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