Study: Vancouverites blame inactivity on job and family

What’s holding you back from achieving the level of fitness you really want? Vancouver-based Fitness Town asked Vancouverites just that in a poll released earlier this month, and found that their answers were all too familiar.


The study, conducted via Ipsos Reid, asked people whether they were getting as much exercise as they would like, and if not, why not? It found that a staggering half of Metro Vancouver workers claim their job prevents them from getting the amount of physical exercise they want.

The study went on to ask those who felt they didn’t get enough exercise what kinds of factors contributed to their inactivity.

If these answers seem uncomfortably familiar, you’re not alone!

People said that they spend too many hours in the day at work, and then even more time commuting on top of that. Many said that, once they got home, they feel too exhausted to get up and go out again to the gym.

Top ways Metro Vancouverites blame their inactivity on their jobs:

1. Being exhausted after the working day 76%
2. Long working hours 46%
3. Wasted time commuting to and from work 45%
4. Stressful job demands 43%

Those who said they’re less active than they want to be, blame a large part of their inactivity on family obligations.

Top five reasons:

1. My time is taken up with the children 76%
2. Lack of time due to work/social obligations 74%
3. Not a priority 21%
4. Lack of physical ability 18%
5. Financial reasons 16%

“Balancing work, family, social commitments and fitness is challenging for everyone,” says Dai Manuel, Chief Operating Officer of Fitness Town and dad to two young girls. “Incorporating fitness into your daily lifestyle is not only important for your well-being but it also helps increase your alertness and overall career satisfaction.”

Top tips for maintaining a balanced lifestyle:

Here are Manuel’s top tips for maintaining a balanced lifestyle in the face of all these challenges:

  1. If you have kids, the best way to show them that fitness is important is to lead by example. By spinning at home, doing yoga or running on a treadmill, you will show your children that fitness is a priority.
  2. Plan a family fitness activity, such as a weekend hiking trip, cycling excursion.
  3. Plan a home fitness challenge, with everyone in your household seeing how many stickers they can put on the calendar each month. If you make fitness a part of everyone’s lifestyle, it will be easier to stay active year-round.

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