Review: Oakley Prizm Snow Goggles in Whistler

©Rich Glass

©Rich Glass

As part of Oakley’s three year partnership with Whistler Blackcomb, Oakley hosted Oakley Week an ultimate snow experience. For 5 days, there was on-site demos, ride with a pro, Instagram contests, custom rail features & Showcase Women’s Snowboard Camp.

We were invited to hit the slopes with 3 Oakley pro riders, Sean Pettit, Rusty Ockenden and Charles Reid.

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At the Rendezvous Lodge, Oakley demoed Prizm Snow to skiers and snowboarders. Prizm is a revolutionary lens technology that dramatically enhances contrast and visibility over a wide range of light conditions. Each lens is fine-tune for a specific sport and environment by emphasizing colours and enhancing your vision. Prizm lenses are also available for golf, trail, road, baseball & daily.

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There are 5 Prizm Snow lens option for the always changing mountain condition. Black Iridium for bright sun day & Rose for snowy overcast day. While Sapphire Iridium, Jade Iridium & Torch Iridium are built for all around sunny weather. Still undecided which lens to wear? The Whistler Blackcomb app suggest the best “Oakley Lens of the Day” based on the weather.

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I’ve tested the Oakley Flight Deck XM Matte White with Prizm Jade Iridium. At first glance, the Flight Deck XM featured a gigantic lens which maximizes your field of view by widening your peripheral and downward vision. The frame low profile design make it compatibility with many helmets. Like most Oakley sunglasses and googles, the Flight Deck XM interchangeable lens system allow you to change lens easily on the slopes.

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Janelle tried on Oakley Flight Deck XM Matte Black with Prizm Torch Iridium. The Torch Iridium is the latest addition to the Prizm Snow family. On that day in Whistler, it was overcast in the morning and after lunch it was a mixture of sun and cloud. The Torch Iridium performed well as it increase the contrast of the snow and sky and did not washed out your vision.

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It took Oakley 15 years to developed the Prizm len technology. Prizm lenses have been engineered to help you perform over a wider range of lighting conditions, reducing the need to switch lenses as lighting conditions change.

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©Rich Glass

©Rich Glass

At the end of the day, we got a chance to chat with Oakley pro rider Sean Pettit and Rusty Ockenden.

We chatted with Sean Pettit about Red Bull Cold Rush, his passion for backcountry skiing, Oakley Week and Oakley Prizm lens.

We also sat down with Rusty Ockenden to chat about filming in the backcountry and transitioning from skateboarding to  snowboarding, Oakley Week and Oakley Prizm lens.

©Rich Glass

©Rich Glass

Thanks Oakley for an awesome day in Whistler!

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