Turn your kids into veggie lovers! #HiddenVeggies

A recent survey finds that Canadian moms struggle to ensure their kids get the recommended daily fruit and vegetable intake of between 4 and 6 servings (depending on their age).

The national survey, commissioned by Tropicana Farmstand, reveals interesting – and in some cases amusing – insights from over 2,000 Canadian moms on the topic of picky eaters.


Key survey highlights:

  • More than one third (35%) of Canadian moms admit they have absolutely no idea what they can do to get their kids to eat more vegetables.
  • Some moms take to “hiding” veggies in sauces, baked goods or smoothies, or pureeing or mashing them into foods. The survey revealed that as many as 61% of moms do this with success.
  • More than half of moms (52%) admit their kids are getting fewer vegetable servings than Canada’s Food Guide recommends. Instead of getting the recommended four to six (depending on their age) fruits and veggies, the majority are only getting one to three.

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