Tim Hortons introduce Maple Iced Capp and Creamy Maple Chill

Tim Hortons introduce Maple Iced Capp and Creamy Maple Chill

It just doesn’t get any more Canadian than “maple and Tim Hortons”. It’s such an obvious pairing that Tim Hortons is genuinely sorry it didn’t think of maple-flavour frozen beverages sooner. Available now at Tim Hortons restaurants for a limited time are two new delectable maple-flavoured masterpieces that will have guests saying: “Apology accepted.” The Maple Iced Capp is a delicious new twist on the classic Canadian favourite, and Creamy Maple Chill is an indulgent non-caffeinated frozen beverage.

“To all Canadians, I want to sincerely apologize. We should have thought of the Maple Iced Capp and Creamy Maple Chill sooner,” says David Clanachan, President and COO, Tim Hortons Canada. “Even we’re a little surprised it took this long to marry the quintessential Canadian maple flavour with our iconic Iced Capp. However, we are confident the delicious taste of the new Maple Iced Capp and Creamy Maple Chill will make it worth the wait.”

Creamy Maple Chill is a non-caffeinated beverage with just the right amount of maple flavour to make it refreshingly decadent and the perfect answer for a hot-weather treat break. The new Maple Iced Capp adds an extra touch of Canadiana to the traditional Iced Capp with its delicious maple flavouring that perfectly complements the coffee base. Both beverages are finished with a whipped topping and real maple flakes. It’s no wonder that Tim Hortons is sorry.

“Tim Hortons is once again demonstrating its strong Canadian roots in apologizing for not bringing maple beverages to its guests sooner,” says Dr. David Black, a professor in the School of Communication and Culture at Royal Roads University and an expert in apologizing. “Saying “sorry” is like our national motto, and while others might see the Canadian habit of saying sorry as a sign of weakness, Canadians know that it’s our superpower. It draws people together, builds trust, and gets things done.”

Tim Hortons is asking guests to accept its apology for the long-awaited maple-flavour frozen beverages in an open letter published today in newspapers across the country, and to put their own Canadian roots to the test with the “How Canadian Are You?” quiz at www.timhortons.com/socanadianquiz. Ten easy questions will measure guests’ Canadian-ness, which they can share on their social media channels with #SoCanadian.

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