Tim Hortons Camp Day helps kids turn their lives around

Tim Hortons Camp Day helps kids turn their lives around

On Wednesday, June 1, your daily Tim Hortons coffee purchase will help change thousands of lives. One hundred per cent of coffee sales at participating Restaurants on Tim Hortons Camp Day will be donated to the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation (THCF), and help provide more than 19,000 kids from low-income families across North America with an experience that builds essential life skills to make their futures brighter.

“Camp Day is the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation’s largest annual fundraising initiative and this year we’re celebrating its 25th anniversary,” says David Clanachan, President & COO Tim Hortons Canada and Chair, THCF. “Through the generous support of our Guests and Restaurant Owners, hundreds of thousands of kids from communities across North America have been given the experience of a lifetime and the opportunity to develop skills that will help them become more responsible, caring and motivated individuals.”

Last year alone, $12.4 million was raised in Canada and the United States, allowing close to 18,000 kids from low-income families to spend a life-changing session at one of the seven THCF camps. In the past 25 years, more than $150 million has been raised, providing more than 237,000 kids with a camp experience at absolutely no cost to them or their families. With the funds raised on Camp Day, Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners sponsor kids directly from their local communities to attend camp. They work closely with local youth organizations and schools to identify kids who would benefit most from the experience.

“We help kids unlock their hidden strengths, and develop critical life skills that will help them to find their own success and thrive as contributing members of their communities,” says Dave Newnham, President and Executive Director, Tim Horton Children’s Foundation. “Our camps aren’t just a fun visit away from home, these intentional experiences can be the catalyst to change their outlook on life and gain greater confidence about their future.”

Young people who grow up in low-income homes are less likely to graduate from high school or pursue post-secondary education and are at a higher risk of living in poverty and relying on social assistance as adults*. Foundation programs are designed to provide children and youth with opportunities to develop skills and values that help set them on a different path in life.

“My journey with the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation camp began when I was 9 and continued for the next five summers as part of the Youth Leadership Program,” says Aziza Abdul Qader, THCF camp alumni. “When I first arrived, I was nervous and had low self-esteem. At camp, I was encouraged to push forward, challenge myself and try new things. By the time I was 16 and completed my program, I had discovered my voice and felt like I could do anything, like pursue a career in physiotherapy.”

How Camp Day is helping kids beyond summer camp experiences

In addition to summer programs, THCF camps operate programming throughout the year, welcoming schools and organizations that serve low-income communities to participate in free-of-cost camp experiences. At camp, kids participate in a wide range of purposeful programs and activities designed to build self-confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills. The THCF also offers a unique Youth Leadership Program, which takes place over five summers and focuses on building lifelong leadership skills, teamwork and independence. Graduates of the Youth Leadership Program are eligible for financial support through the Carolee House Bursary Program to attend post-secondary education. Since 2002, more than $6 million in bursaries have been distributed to students pursuing university, college or a trade certificate program.

How Tim Hortons is raising awareness for Camp Day in Restaurant

To showcase the benefits of Camp Day and celebrate the 25th anniversary, Tim Hortons launched an exciting new cup design. Available in four different colours (orange, green, blue and purple), these cups feature speech bubbles that showcase the impact of what buying a cup of coffee can have on kids’ experience at camp including: helping kids believe in themselves, helping to create a brighter future, helping to build courage and confidence, and helping kids to be their best.

This year, Guests who want to help to raise awareness about Camp Day can also purchase a Camp Day bracelet at participating Restaurants. Camp Day bracelets, available in four colours (orange, green, blue and purple), are $2 plus tax while supplies last. Guests are invited to wear the bracelets in support of the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation. Guests can also make a donation any time at timscampday.ca. Every Camp Day donation counts.

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