The Pinnacle Story: Pinnacle Vodka is rising to the top

Pinnacle Vodka is rising to the top  2

Pinnacle Vodka is the award-winning, five-times distilled imported vodka that has the expected quality of French vodka at a delightfully unexpected price.

Pinnacle Unflavoured Vodka was recently recognized with the top honour for the Vodka category in the 2013 International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC), beating out more than 100 vodkas from around the world in a blind taste-test. The IWSC is widely acknowledged as the most prestigious competition of its kind and aims to promote the quality and excellence of the world’s best spirits.

Pinnacle Vodka is the ideal French vodka – clean, smooth and extremely mixable. Made from a base of 100 per cent French wheat and pure spring water, it will surprise and delight any skeptical or traditional vodka drinker.

In addition to the unflavoured vodka, the Pinnacle line includes an array of fun and indulgent flavours like Carnival, Tropical Punch and Cinnamon Roll – inviting you to discover, enjoy and share an unexpected experience every time. Fusing unexpected flavours, like cotton candy with the base product – Unflavoured Pinnacle Vodka -delivers mouthwatering, indulgent experiences. These unique spirits have a smooth, balanced finish.

With a quirky, playful personality and an innovative spirit, Pinnacle Vodka is changing what consumers expect from their vodka. Pinnacle Vodka believes delightful discoveries will lead to unexpected experiences; pioneering the most exciting flavours in its category to satisfy consumers’ wide range of palattes and has something for everyone and every vodka occasion. Pinnacle Vodka is a premium liquid offered across Canada at an affordable price point of $25.

Pinnacle Vodka is rising to the top 1

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