The Lay’s Do Us a Flavour contest returns: The Tastes of Canada edition asks fans to draw flavour inspiration from Canadian regions

The Lay’s Do Us a Flavour contest returns The Tastes of Canada edition asks fans to draw flavour inspiration from Canadian regions

Lay’s, Canada’s favourite potato chip brand, today announced the return of the Lay’s Do Us a Flavour contest (#DoUsAFlavourCanada). From now until April 22, consumers can submit ideas for the next great potato chip flavour for a chance to win $50,000 plus one per cent of their flavour’s future sales after the voting period ends.

This year there’s a new twist. In celebration of the nation’s favourite foods and the places that remind us of our yummiest flavour experiences, the Lay’s brand is asking fans to embrace the Tastes of Canada and be inspired by a Canadian region – Western Canada, Ontario, Quebec or Atlantic Canada.

“From road trips and cottage getaways to favourite Canadian vacation spots and the cities we live in, flavour inspiration can come from anywhere in this great land,” says Susan Irving, Senior Director of Marketing Core Brands, PepsiCo Foods Canada. “Every Canadian has flavours they love and identify with and we’re excited to give fans the chance to be inspired by great Canadian regions.”

Until April 22, 2015 fans can submit their flavour ideas at, by texting the word FLAVOUR to 101010 or by mail. To submit a flavour idea, fans will be asked to provide a flavour name, up to three ingredients, a chip style (Original, Wavy and/or Kettle Cooked), a flavour inspiration (140 characters max) and the Canadian region that inspired their submission.
Submissions will be narrowed down to four finalist flavours that represent each region by a judging panel before being made available in stores nationwide later this summer. In addition, each finalist will each receive $5,000.

Fans of Lay’s potato chips across the country will be able to buy, try and vote for the finalist flavour they feel should stay on store shelves and win chip aisle fame. The grand prize winner will be announced in the fall and will take home $50,000 plus one per cent of sales after the voting period ends.

Creating the nation’s next great Lay’s potato chip flavour has become wildly popular around the world, including here in Canada. Following its debut in this country two years ago, the Lay’s Do Us a Flavour contest has received almost two million flavour entries from consumers from coast-to-coast. Past Canadian winners include Jalapeño Mac N’ Cheese on Lay’s Wavy by Randall Litman in 2014 and Maple Moose on Lay’s Original by Tyler LeFrense in 2013.

New this year, the Lay’s brand is rewarding fans with personalized, sharable videos featuring their flavours. Videos will be customized based on the name, ingredients and region of inspiration. Fans can also have fun with the microsite’s Flavour Showdown, a fun way to see flavours that have been submitted by Canadians from coast-to-coast and declaring which ones you’d like to eat. Canadians can select the flavour they like best and click on an I’d Eat That! button. Flavour submissions can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and Instagram (mobile).

More details and official contest rules are available

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