Shop The Neighbourhood: WildTale Coastal Grill in Yaletown

Small businesses are the backbone of our community. They create jobs, funnel funds back into the community, keep decision making power localized and influence neighbourhood desirability and growth. Small businesses employed over 8.2 million individuals in Canada. Yellow Pages’ Shop The Neighbourhood is a shopping awareness campaign that celebrates small businesses and encourages Canadians to shop locally. Previously a one day event, Shop The Neighbourhood is now expanded into a year round program.

Erik Heck is the co-owner & chef of The Flying Pig and WildTale Coastal Grill, 2 of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver. Over the weekend, we chatted with Erik about the importance of supporting small businesses and giving back to the community.

Opened last year, WildTale is my go to spot for fresh seafood. The restaurant serves up West Coast bounty like halibut, salmon, sablefish and albacore tuna.


Fresh BC oyster with lemon & horseradish


WildTale Coastal Clam Chowder

wildtale-coastal-grill-yaletown-4Seared Ahi Tuna with mango corn salsa





Chocolate Coconut Mousse

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