Rally with MR MIKES SteakhouseCasual to challenge Jimmy Kimmel to Drink a Caesar on Canada Day!

Mr Mikes caesar challenge Jimmy Kimmel

The Caesar is one of Canada’s favourite cocktails. It can be savoury, sweet, salty, sour and even bitter. On National Caesar Day this year, MR MIKES SteakhouseCasual issued a challenge to one of America’s most beloved late-night talk show hosts, Jimmy Kimmel. The challenge? To rally Canadians across the country to challenge “America’s next Vice President” Jimmy Kimmel to drink a Caesar on Canada Day.

Three weeks into the campaign, over a million Canadians have already participated in the ‘Caesar Challenge’. Participation has ranged from watching the challenge video, sending postcards to Jimmy Kimmel via the campaign website www.clamup.ca, face swapping with Jimmy on Snapchat, and even tweeting Jimmy Kimmel directly to let him know to step up on Canada Day.

With two weeks left in the campaign, Canadians are encouraged to participate in the Caesar Challenge, by watching the video and visiting the campaign’s website www.clamup.ca to fill out an online postcard to Jimmy Kimmel telling him why Canada and our Caesar are great. Follow along on social media with the hashtag #CaesarChallenge and connect with MR MIKES on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat: @MrMikesOnline

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