President’s Choice brings Canadians together on Eat Together Day

Today, one of Canada’s most iconic and trusted brands, President’s Choice will celebrate our nation’s 150th year by continuing its mission to bring people to the table and #EatTogether. On the first-ever Eat Together Day, Loblaw is inviting its nearly 200,000 employees, thousands of business partners and all Canadians to come together over food.

“The Eat Together movement celebrates the role food plays and the power it has in bringing people together at a time when the world seems increasingly disconnected,” says Uwe Stueckmann, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Loblaw Companies Limited. “From fostering communities to fighting obesity to bringing people closer, the simple act of eating together has countless benefits. Today, we invite everyone to join us in experiencing the joy that comes with friends, families and communities eating together.”

Eat Together Day activities will include hundreds of public barbeques held from coast to coast at participating Loblaw grocery store banners, including Loblaws, Loblaws CityMarket, Your Independent Grocer, Zehrs, Provigo, Dominion and Atlantic Superstore. These events will bring Canadians to the table and highlight the physical and mental benefits of eating together, including happier and healthier children, stronger family relationships and sociocultural understanding.

“We are facing an unfortunate trend towards eating alone,” said Dr. Karyn Gordon, Family and Relationship Expert. “The simple act of eating together has so many benefits for our mental health and social connectedness, it’s important that we make it a priority to eat with others – today and every day.”

According to Dr. Gordon, organizing regular eat together moments with family and friends is easy and most impactful if you follow her three most recommended guidelines:

Plan: Schedule time to eat together with family and friends and you’ll be more likely to follow through.
Practice: Don’t be nervous! The more you eat with others, the more comfortable you will become.
Presence: Be present during your #EatTogether moments by removing distractions – like phones – and engaging with those around you. You’ll be astounded by the connections you make.

For inspiration on how they can participate in Eat Together Day, Canadians can visit Join the movement by sharing an image or video of you participating in Eat Together Day by tagging @PresChoice @PCEatTogether and #EatTogether.

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