National Chicken Wing Day at 7-Eleven Canada

This year, in celebration of National Chicken Day, 7-Eleven Canada will answer the question ‘Drumettes or Flats?’ once and for all. Since the dawn of time, it’s been one of our biggest questions – burning a wing-shaped hole in the minds of men, women and children. It’s torn apart friends, lovers and has sparked controversies at Super Bowl parties. Which shape is superior? No one could say. Until now.

From July 12th to 29th an election will be held below. The candidates? Drumettes vs. Flats. Both are hitting the campaign trail with ambitious platforms – Drumettes promising more meat and an easier eating experience, while Flats are claiming a superior skin-to-meat ratio and first-rate flavour. The race will be tight, but at the end of the day, the decision rests in the hands (okay, stomachs) of Canadians.

Informed voting is something 7-Eleven Canada takes very seriously, and we urge you to get to know the candidates by following @7ElevenCanada’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. The winner winner chicken dinner will be announced via social media on National Chicken Day, July 29th, 2017. In celebration of National Chicken Day, everyone is invited to enjoy 10 chicken flats or drumettes for $5 for one day only on July 29th.

Cast your ballot today at

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