Make iced coffee at home with Nespresso On Ice

Iced coffee is a perfect and delicious pick me up on a hot summer afternoon. Nespresso recently launch two limited edition coffee blends designed to be served cold – Intenso On Ice and Leggero On Ice.

Intenso On Ice is a blend of Brasil and Costa Rica coffees that are roasted separately at a medium temperature to develop rich aromatics and a high intensity. Leggero on Ice is a blend of Kenya and Colombia coffees that are lightly roasted to develop rich fruity aromatics and a fine acidity.

To make iced coffee at home is simple and easy, just added ice cubes to your glass then add hot Intenso On Ice or Leggero On Ice coffee. If you like your coffee extra strong, pour two capsules instead of of one. Lastly, pour 3 oz. of cold water or cold milk froth for Macchiato.

I’m using the Nespresso Pixie to brewed my coffee. It’s a sleek, portable and fast espresso machine. It’s the quickest of the Nespresso machines and reaches its heating temperature in 25 seconds.

It’s available in 4 colours: Carmine, Titanium, Steel and Aluminium and fits nicely into a small kitchen, apartment or office.

The Intenso On Ice is rich with lingering roasted aromatics and some woody, cocoa notes. While the Leggero On Ice is smooth with prolonged fruity aromatics and some nutty notes.

I prefer Intenso On Ice Macchiato for a smooth and creamy texture with roasted aromatics and some biscuits notes.

Sometimes you just need coffee and dessert at the same time. Chef Romain Avril, Executive Chef at Lavelle and Nespresso Chef Ambassador crafted a Nespresso On Ice Dessert with ice cream, white chocolate, hazelnut rocks and ganache to satisfy your sweet tooth and caffeine cravings.

Nespresso On Ice Dessert

– 3 small discs (different size) of ganache (80 gr)
– 5 dollups of tonka cream
– 1 rocher of ice cream
– 5 hazelnut rocks
– 5 white chocolate rocks
– 6 sprigs of mint cress
– 3 dollups of caramel

Nespresso on Ice cream (yield 1 pint)

– 1 cup 35% cream
– ½ cup sugar
– ½ cup milk
– 3 egg yolks
– 1 vanilla bean
– ½ cup of Nespresso Intenso on Ice

– Simmer the cream, milk, vanilla bean (split and scraped) for 5 min and let infuse
– Cream the eggs and sugar together (whisk thoroughly)
– Remove the vanilla pod and add the coffee to it
– Whisk 1/3 of the liquid to the sugar/egg mix and add it back on the stove with the rest of the milk.
– Slowly cook it for 5 minutes till its thickened (be careful not to cook the eggs)
– Cool it down on ice and keep stirring so the mix stop cooking.
– Churn it in your ice cream machine and reserve

Caramelised white chocolate

– 100 gr caramelised white chocolate (cook white chocolate on a double broiler until it caramelized)
– 150 gr butter
– 91 gr sugar
– 225g gr flour

– Crumble the butter, sugar and flour together and bake at 350 deg until golden brown
– Poor the warm caramelized chocolate over the crumble, let it cool and reserve.

Hazelnut rocks

– 101 gr hazelnut praline paste
– 33 gr milk chocolate
– 33 gr white chocolate
– 67 gr feuilletine

– Melt the chocolate and the praline paste over a double broiler then fold the feuilletine with the praline mix.
– Cool it down flat and break into little rocks

Tonka cream

– 100 gr milk
– ½ tonka bean
– 10 gr sugar
– 1.6 gr agar agar

– Infuse the milk with the tonka bean, whisk the sugar in, then whisk the agar and cook it for 2 minutes (mix should never boil)
– Cool it down, then blitz the mix in a vita mix and pass it

Flexi ganache

– 130 gr dark chocolate
– 300 gr cream
– 45 gr inverted sugar
– 25 gr glucose
– 1 gr salt
– .75 gr agar
– 1.5 sheet (3 gr) of gelatin

– Bring cream, inverted sugar, glucose, salt and agar to a boil, cook for 2 minutes.
– Melt the dark chocolate, poor the cream mixture over the chocolate.
– When the mixture cool down to 60 degree Celsius, add the softened gelatine.
– Poor over acetate lined tray.
– Punch discs when set.


– ½ cup sugar
– 42 gr butter
– 60 ml 35% cream

– Make a caramel with the sugar, when reached add the butter, then cream and reduce to consistency.

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